Hi there, at dear molly the conversation’s always lively and there’s always room for you.

To bring you quickly up to speed, dear molly features two general chat areas for members.

The first allows you to swiftly establish conversations with others you may have followed or met. It’s as simple as requesting a conversation with another member and you then take it from there.

The second conversation starter is dear molly’s dynamic chat feature. Here we put the dear molly algorithm to good use to assist in establishing connections.

Basically, you answer some simple questions outlining your interests in your profile and, like the ever social butterfly she is, the dear molly algorithm introduces you to others who share the same interests. She then helps kick off a conversation by noting your common ground. 

In practice it works like this…members Sally and Sue have both mentioned in their profiles they enjoy the TV series “Suits”. The ever so clever algorithm quickly finds this shared interest and connects them with a conversation starter. 

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