What would you like to do, achieve, undertake or plan in 2018? 

Hi - new member here, In 2018 I am wanting to get my life back on track after a few tough years. I am in the process of clearing out all of our clutter in the house, on my computer, on my phone and working on myself more. It is a long journey but one that I am finally ready to do!

What is everyone else wanting to do in 2018?

I'd like to get the 7000 or so photos which are off my computer printed out and in sorted into albums. Have been meaning to do that for years!!

It's amazing how many photos we end up with these days not that we have a camera at our disposal. Good Luck!

Thanks Kris. Yes it is crazy isn't it. 

I have the whole 'I'll get to it' phrase down pat but never seem to.. it's on the agenda for this year!

haha I wish I could do that too!

I second that!! If only the things that tasted so good were so good for you!
I envy those women who eat junk food all the time and never put on any weight. I look at a burger and gain 1kg!

be a successful mumpreneur 

Good luck with that fennie77. Do you have a business at the moment or looking to establish one? Would love to hear what you are up to.