I've been online for 18mths. It has destroyed any self esteem I once had. Check out meet-up groups/social groups where people have to look u in the eye and speak to you. Most of the men online want quick easy (no drama, lol), sex. It's hard to sort the wheat from the chaff. My advice is to stay offline. It's based all on looks and is ultimately soul destroying.

Hi Mjl,

I agree it is based on the photo and some sites give you a little opportunity to provide a little detail. 

I have also meeting people face to face to be the same these days - lies to get you to be 'friends', they get what they want out of you till some other opportunity comes along and then they're are gone - no explanation no goodbye. 

What ever happened to the honest people? 

What men are looking for is free sex. Free of obligation or effort. Free of having to  "step up" or expose themselves. They want what a prostitute provides - without having to pay for a prostitute.

I agree, it is very damaging to your self esteem. The constant rejection and judgement.

I have only been actively participating since Nov/Dec and after only a short time find myself very low about the future prospects. The few dates I have been on don't even gave the manners to contact you to say nice to meet you. The just disappear and go silent.

Like some others have said I too am finding that no-one makes the attempt to introduce themselves to others offline.

So yes I think making new female friends is the better option to fill your life and not feel rhe lonliness.


Can't beat a good group of girlfriends that is for sure! They will be there in the good and bad times and don't care if you have a bad hair day :)

The on-line experience I have had has been negative for sure but is it just me or the whole idea of making new friends in my 40's seems so much harder?

You are not alone there either - I'm finding it hard to make female friends as well. I have a heap of female colleagues but they are all married or in relationships and it seems that hanging with a single female is out of the question. 

I'Ve never struggled to make female or male friends before but since becoming single and as I get older - it's proving to be near impossible!

Its not going to be easy be honest with yourself, know what you want in a relationship . This helps you weed out the bad ones. Do not lie about what you want, be realistic to yourself.