Expose your child to a variety of experiences that are cost free.  My child is an only child so sharing is important.  We often have three friends over at once.  It's a wonderful experience for all.  It helps out the single moms and teaches sharing and appreciation.  I also get my daughter to help me with my volunteer work so she learns to appreciate.  The simplest and most beautiful things are free.  We live in a material world.  I we often walk by the lake and enjoy hearing the waves of the water.  I point out the beauty of sunshine, the cheerfulness of birds chirping.  Blessings to all...Hope this info was helpful

Thanks JulianneKind. I too am an only child and grew up with learning to appreciate the small things in life. I too had lots of neighbourhood friends around and was taught from an early age the importance of sharing.

I agree with you re your comments about nature- showing children and teaching children  about nature is a great way for them to learn and appreciate the things around them- non material things!

Thank you!