Hey ladies just after some advice. I have a large family (6 kids) who range from 8 weeks old to almost 9 years old 

I have the younger 3 live with me full time (almost 4, 2 and 8 weeks old) and I share custody of my older 3 (6, almost 8 & almost 9)

I'm currently really struggling with how to divide my time between the kids, my husband and trying to find a little me time, plus keep the house clean and make sure we all eat (kids get fed though my husband and I struggle to eat dinner etc)

Any tips would be great

Wow Heartness1 you really have your hands full. It sounds like it is all systems go with your children. Large families are fantastic but it is hard to find some time for yourself and your husband. I would suggest that you have a date night once a fortnight (on the weeks that the older children are not with you) and see if you can hit up a family member or friend or babysitter to mind the kids for a few hours while you guys go to a movie or out to dinner? 

I am not sure what time you wake up (presume it's early) but perhaps a few early nights (when the kids go down) and a few early mornings- that way you could get a half hour or so in before anyone wakes up- a nice cup of tea or just some time to relax and plan for the day ahead. 

Hope that helps!