I'm new(ish) to Hobart and looking for other women in the Hobart region who are interested in catching up for a coffee or wine etc. Gets lonely not knowing anyone. 

Hi KCR69. Have you tried putting in your postcode and searching on the member profiles for women nearby?

Otherwise if you put in your interests dear molly will connect you with women of similar interests with their algorithm.

Thank you, I have looked for others but there was none showing up. I'll have to look at adding interests. 😊

And keep checking for women in your area as the site is pretty new and is engaging new members all the time- so hopefully some in your area come on board soon. 

KCR69- did you have any luck with suggestions that dear molly have sent you with women who have similar interests to you? You just need to update your interests in the account page and dear molly will put you in touch via chatting with women of similar interests.