I have began this topic because i am the daughter of a narcissistic mother. I'm currently writing a book on it. These mothers are cold and empty and do not bond with their babies the older they get the more they are resented. It is a difficult path in life however i have overcome it but a lot of others haven't. I'm trying to make awareness and reach those who are  going through it and those who have no idea what's happening. Do you or do you know anyone with mothers like that?

I grew up in a similar household where my dad was narcisstic coming from the fact he was an only child. My mother on the hand suffered some narcissitic tendencies as she was on the autism spectrum where it was more of a logic based sense on why are you telling me this, it's got nothing to do with me. I was the only one in my family to achieve things like graduate from University and unlike other families, I didn't have any of my family at the graduation. It was hard growing up and now sadly my mum has passed away - it will be five years in December and my dad has a new partner but as I am not in the same household as my Dad and he no longer relies or needs me as such - when I was at home I was the main provider. He no longer has a relationship unless I force one in which if we go out, I am the one who ends up having to fork the cost for everything. It's the same for my siblings too as they are very much like my parents. I am the black sheep of my family - in the way it is reversed to normal black sheep situations.

What about ex narcisistist Mother.. .?? Throwing myself to the wolf’s probably. I’ve probably beaten my self up worse.