Looking for women in or around the Chatham area with like interests to chat/hang out 😊

I can't remember where Chatham is , but I'm in Belleville. If nothing else maybe we can chat.

Is Belleville close to Windsor? I' in between London and Windsor

I am in Belleville.  At least it's Ontario.... Looking forward to chatting online

Hi Chris...I'm in Belleville Ontario too....Nice meeting you online !  :)

I look forward to chatting with you too 😁

Hi ladies,

I'm from Qld- Australia so a very long way away but always keen to chat online. 

Nice to cyber meet you guys!!

Hi Julianne, 

That's cool that we are both from Belleville. Maybe we can meet up since we both live in the same city.

Hi chris75, whereabouts is Belleville in Canada?

I have never been to Canada but my  mum lived there for 6 years and absolutely loves the country. 

Born and raised in Chatham. Went to teh Pines.  Class of '91.  Now living in London Ontario.  Moved here 2002.