Since when should we take into account the 'best interests' of a predator?

Since when should we take into account the 'best interests' of a predator?

By Anonymous Contributor

Every parent sucked in a gulp of air and their heart raced a little faster. The sick feeling in the stomach that came with hearing the news of a 7-year-old girl being taken from Kmart in Northlakes Qld about 10 days ago has frightened us all. The crimes, which her predator is being charged with, are sickening. One count each of deprivation of liberty, taking a child for immoral purposes and indecent treatment of a child under 12 years. It’s enough to cry: ‘chemical castration’ but then again, the civil libertarians would be up in arms. That’s another argument for another day.

What I can’t understand is the defendant’s lawyer has made an urgent application for bail because he said his ‘client still needed support that he was not receiving from the Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre, where he is currently being held’.

This comes off the back of the Magistrate stating that he did not want the accused 'to be lynched' on social media and in the court of public opinion.

'I entirely support the position taken by the police in not disclosing more information. Less information would have been more helpful,' the magistrate stated.

'What I need to bear in mind is the public's behaviour,' he said.

I’m sorry Magistrate, and I’m sorry defence lawyer but frankly, the interests of the defendant should be the furthest thing from our minds. I don’t’ give a crap if he’s not getting the ‘support’ he needs in detention. He should be hung out to dry and we should all stand and applaud. He needs to be held publicly accountable for the alleged atrocities that he subjected an innocent child to. Her life is ruined so to speak. She will never recover from this. Her family will never recover. Her mother will never recover. An innocent shopping trip turned into a nightmare that no child or family should ever have to endure because of the accused and what he allegedly did. Sorry, but he lost all sense of ‘his best interests’ when he took that child away from her mother to subject her to unspeakable acts.

The application for bail is almost laughable. Sure they’ll put stringent terms around it if he is successful in his application. He may have to wear an ankle bracelet, may have to surrender his passport, may not be able to leave home, but do we really want someone like that out in our community. Is it a risk to us all? Our children? I say it is. And I say that it sends a message that we as a society aren’t tough enough on these mongrels. That they can get away with horrific crimes and go home, that is until they have their day in court. Sorry, but it’s not good enough. Our legal system, our judges, our magistrates need to take a far more serious stance and we as a society need to press them to do more.

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