The US Open women's final was disappointing

The US Open women's final was disappointing

By Clare Sultmann

I'm a big Serena Williams fan. She is arguably the GOAT (greatest of all time) female tennis player but her outburst and her behaviour in the US Open women's final held yesterday was disappointing.

The 36-year-old mother of one was playing for her 24th Grand Slam Title. A huge feat. Most likely never to be repeated, by any player, male or female. Everyone in Arthur Ashe stadium was cheering for her. She was clearly, by all means, the crowd favourite, the American superstar who had surpassed all odds to become the greatest tennis player the world has seen. Getting married and being a mother has added to the fairy tale that has been her career and the crowd was behind her 100%

The final was not what anyone expected, least of all her opponent little known Naomi Osaka, a 20-year-old Japanese national playing in her first ever grand slam final.

Tennis playing turned into dramatic scenes out of a soap opera when Serena unleashed at the chair umpire. Her on court outrage began when he pulled her camp up for sideline coaching (which her coach later admitted he was doing) and then declined further into racquet abuse and screaming at the umpire that he was both a ‘thief' and a ‘liar' demanding an on court apology.

Her opponent, 16 years her junior stood silently at the other end of the court watching the drama unfold. Most likely thinking to herself ‘what the'. You see Naomi Osaka was playing her childhood hero, her idol. It had been her dream since she was a kid that she would play Serena in the final of a grand slam and here she was on the biggest stage of her career doing just that. It should have been her moment in time, her day, her turn to shine, but Serena's poor behaviour and sportsmanship put paid to that. Showing grace and poise beyond her 20 years Osaka won the match easily, beating Williams 6-2 6-4 but according to Serena's coach in a post-match tweet, the umpire influenced the outcome of the match. Sorry, but I'm not buying that. Osaka won easily, fair and square. The score wasn't even close, and the umpire did the correct thing.

As Journalist Ben Rothenberg tweeted:

Mouratoglou admitted to ESPN that he coached.

Thus, the warning was correct by Ramos.

Then, a racket abuse warning was indisputable.

Williams felt entitled to having coaching warning retracted, which never happens. So she ranted abusively and got a third warning.

All fair.

All Fair. What wasn't fair was the booing that this poor kid (and I say that as someone twice her age) got when she accepted her trophy. The crowd, totally shattered that Serena didn't win, had the audacity to boo her. Osaka isn't the bad guy here, she had done nothing but work her absolute butt off to win a grand slam title and in doing so, play and defeat the greatest player of all time. The moment that she had, her whole life, been dreaming of, had come around. Hard work, tenacity and a belief in self had gotten her there, and here she was being booed by a hostile New York crowd. Forget Serena, she'll get her 24th title at some point, of that I'm confident, but sadly what I'm also confident about is that Osaka will never forget this first grand slam title win and it may be for all the wrong reasons.

Clare Sultmann

Clare Sultmann is a wife, mother of 3 and the founder of Dear Molly.
As a survivor of a catastrophic accident, former barrister at law, published author, and nationally accredited mediator Clare has returned to work in a different capacity. Relocating to Noosa shortly after the birth of her first child, Clare found it difficult to make meaningful and real connections with other like-minded women away from her own network of friends. With this in mind, Clare’s idea was born. Dear Molly aims to provide connections for like-minded women in a real, meaningful and positive manner. It a platform to share, communicate and inspire other women about their ‘real’ life.

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Well said Clare. Disgraceful behaviour

blakeyj - September 16, 2018