Trump and Covid - Now that’s a bit of a twist

Trump and Covid - Now that’s a bit of a twist

By Dear Molly

You couldn’t have written a more dramatic plot twist really.  Just 33 days before the US Presidential election the leader of the free world contracts the very virus he once predicted would simply disappear and described as no worse than the flu - a virus that has killed over 210,000 Americans.

Now, in a confused weekend of conflicting medical reports, it appears Donald Trump has been fighting off a serious infection, with the assistance of some of the medical world’s brightest minds and the help of steroids and oxygen.

So many ‘alternate truths’

Reams and reams of paper could be devoted to all the contradictory statements the President of the United State has made about the pandemic currently gripping the America and much of the world. But we’ll leave that to the likes of The Atlantic and CBS to document in detail.

Suffice to say, his relationship with the truth has been ‘fast and loose’, while his attitude towards those more cautious has been nothing less than contemptuous.

Just two days after using the Presidential Debate to mock his political opponent Joe Biden for wearing masks in public, Trump announced he had caught the virus, and now it looks like many of his associates have also caught it too.

Whitehouse outbreak spreading

As the world watches Trump’s condition, the White House outbreak is spreading. The first lady has it, as does his press secretary, campaign manager, press advisor, a number of Republican senators and the Republican Party Chairwoman.

Meanwhile, there’s speculation many of these cases are attributed to a super-spreader event held in the White House Rose Garden, where few people followed the government’s own advice on wearing masks.

Some might call it karma, but Trump referred to his Covid diagnosis as ‘a very interesting journey’ where he’d learned a lot about Covid ‘by really going to school’.

Social distancing was not among the lessons he’d picked up on, however.

Amidst doses of the latest available treatments, he then hopped in a sealed armoured car with his long-suffering security detail to wave to his supporters. Yes, protection staff were wearing PPE, but it’s still arguably a job description few would wish to add to their resume.

Twitter steps in

On social media it proved all too much. Between updates from the President in hospital, Twitter had to step in and warn users "tweets that wish or hope for death, serious bodily harm or fatal disease against *anyone* are not allowed and will need to be removed”.

The rage had begun to simmer because the irony of Donald Trump caching Covid was not lost on many.

Here’s the ultimate rub

With the President now out of hospital and quite probably seeking to get back on the campaign trail as quickly as possible, the families of the 210,000 Americans who have lost their lives to Covid would have every right to be seething.

Trump may present himself as a superhero and tell his people not to be afraid of Covid.

He may also claim the Trump administration has developed “some really great drugs and knowledge” and he feels “better” than he did 20 years ago.

But while he sat in one of the world’s finest medical facilities, taking a cocktail of the world’s most progressive drugs, administered at the stroke of a pen by the world’s most elite medical professionals, few everyday Americans have access to such care.

They can’t afford it, they can’t access it, and they should be afraid because their President just doesn’t seem to care.

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