Top tips for expressing decorating style

Top tips for expressing decorating style

By Louisa Curtain

Your home is a reflection of you, your family and your loves.  What you surround yourself with should create a feeling of happiness, comfort and practicality regardless of budget.

Here are the top tips for creating your dream home!

Don’t follow trends

It’s always fun to follow trends and experiment but don’t just buy a couch simply because it’s the latest release or looks amazing in the showroom.

Look through house magazines, Instagram or Pinterest to gather inspiration and understand the look you want and longevity it will have in your own home. Take a photo in store, go home and picture it in its space before you purchase the big items.

Measure furniture

When choosing furniture - whether it’s bedside tables, a couch for your lounge or a dining table -  measure the space where it’s to go and ascertain the size of the product you need. This will not only ensure it fits in your space but will also guarantee it accommodates other furniture and objects in the room. 


In order to create a feeling of warmth and comfort, I recommend layering with rugs, cushions, throws, lamps and decorative pieces and they needn’t be expensive.

The most unique and interesting pieces reflect your own life.  For example, consider a piece of your child’s art framed on a feature wall, or a special souvenir from your travels displayed with other pieces on a shelf or coffee table.


The use of fabrics can transform any room!

Recovering existing furniture, old chairs, grandma’s heirlooms or garage sale finds can not only give new life to something special but also create a piece of unique art.

Bedheads: Apart from looking amazing and completing a room, a bedhead is a very practical item. They are extremely comfortable to sit against while reading on your own or with your kids. Even better – get one custom made in an amazing, unique fabric and shape.

Cushions: Cushions are a great addition because they are so versatile. Apart from dressing up a couch or bed, you can easily change them depending on the season or your boredom levels.

There are so many amazing fabrics out there, so the possibilities are endless. If you don’t know where to start or lack that creative flair, seek help from a professional.

Fresh flowers

Most of the time it won’t cost a cent to introduce greenery into a room.  Hiding in our own yard or footpath are beautiful green shrubs and trees.

Picking a bunch and displaying it in any or all rooms of the house can instantly lift an area. Or go to a fresh flower market and find a beautiful selection, this is a cheaper option than a florist.

If you don’t have time or the inclination to fossick around the neighbourhood, a good quality indoor plant can have the same effect.

Kids’ rooms

Consider longevity when decorating little kid’s rooms. Those pink and blue wall paints may look good at first but a ‘tween can quickly grow out of a bright pink or purple feature wall.   

Mix adult pieces in the room with a softer colour palette.  This will have big impact, will grow with them and of course is much more attractive.


Your home is your sanctuary and simple elements can help create this oasis.

If you’re after more unique pieces or don’t know where to start consult an interior decorator to help pull it all together for you.

Louisa Curtain

Louisa Curtain
The Fabric Frame
Instagram – @thefabricframe

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