Is it time for a challenge?

Is it time for a challenge?

By Dear Molly

When was the last time your heart rate accelerated, and your stomach fluttered in the knowledge you were stepping outside your comfort zone?

There’s no doubt, as we mature and routine takes priority, it can be harder to embrace a challenge.

But every time you challenge yourself to take on something new, you’re growing as a person, conquering fears and learning something different.

Which begs the question is it time for a challenge? Here are five ways you can challenge yourself and grow as a result.

The benefits of a challenge

Sure, it’s easy to stay in your lane, enjoying the warm blanket of comfort the comes with knowing you’re good at what you do and the master of your domain.

But the reality is, if you simply sit where you are, you have no idea of what you could be.

As Psychology Today explains, challenging ourselves is an important part of growing and developing as a person.

“The more we can test our limits and capabilities, the more we will learn about ourselves. New challenges are opportunities for us,” they note.

Challenges are everywhere

In everyday life, challenges are everywhere. They’re in the task you’re afraid of taking on, the fitness goals you’ve never been brave enough to set, or the words you are too frightened to say in order to have your needs met.

They are often in the things you avoid or make excuses about for fear of failure, embarrassment, or rejection.

Staying in your comfort zone and avoiding a challenge can also become a habit, but the good news is there are a host of small ways to begin challenging yourself and start building the confidence that allows you embrace something new.

Five simple ways to step outside your comfort zone

Challenging yourself is often about recognizing that something in your life needs to change a little, and that there’s a true sense of satisfaction and accomplishment in conquering your fears.

But it doesn’t have to involve bungee jumping, going all-in or shaking up your whole world.

Instead, you can make challenging yourself a habit that progressively leads to better things, so here are five simple ways to step outside your comfort zone.

Set a new goal

Whether its fitness, a little you time, or buying a house, setting goals allows you to map out where you want to go and envisage who you want to be.

That then might require you to step outside your comfort zone to do what you know needs to be done.

Master a new skill

Ever wanted to learn a new language, take up a hobby or perhaps master a musical instrument? These are all worthy challenges that can add meaning, value and accomplishment to life, and who knows where that might lead?

Reach out to someone you look up to

We all have people we admire, both professionally and personally, but too often we never express that appreciation.

Why not reach out to someone you admire? At best you might form a bond, at worst you’ve put it out into the universe that this person is appreciated for what they do.

Say yes when you wouldn’t and no when you should

This one’s a biggie. Too often we say no to things we might enjoy for a host of ridiculous reasons – ‘no’ to going to the beach because we’re not in the shape we’d like to be, ‘no’ to catching up with friends because we’re too busy.

Maybe it’s time to start challenging yourself to say yes to the little moments in life that matter.

On the flipside, it might also be time to start saying no to those things that steal your energy and time, that you partake in not because you enjoy them, but because you feel obliged to acquiesce.

Go somewhere new

New places allow you to gain a new perspective of the world, so maybe it’s time to start exploring. Whether it’s a holiday, a daytrip or just an outing to a place you’ve never visited before, is it time to look at a new world through a fresh set of eyes?

What’s the biggest challenge you’ve set yourself, and what did you learn as a result?

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