Six best bingeworthy TV shows of 2020

Six best bingeworthy TV shows of 2020

By Anonymous

As there’s so much to choose from and quality can prove a little hard to come by, here are our six best bingeworthy TV shows of 2020…

Fleabag – ABC iView

This UK surprise ranked as one of Barack Obama’s favourite shows of 2019, and we’re inclined to agree. Written and starring the irreverent Phoebe Waller-Bridge (who’s also behind Killing Eve and Crashing) this is a witty and often heartbreaking view of life through the eyes of a single London resident in her 30s.

Not for the faint hearted or those prone to blushing, the beauty of Fleabag is in its deft writing. It’s feminine in its view of the world and very different to anything else doing the rounds.

While series one is a standout, series two proves even better, so settle on in for a total of 12 artfully written episodes that prove hard to part with once you’re done.

Unorthodox - Netflix

Set in New York and Berlin and presented primarily in Yiddish, Unorthodox offers a glimpse into the often veiled world of the ultra-orthodox Hasidic Jewish community.

The story is told through the eyes of Etsy – a young woman who enters an arranged marriage but then turns her back on her entire community.

Unorthodox is based on a true story. It’s beautifully written and performed impeccably.

The Ozarks – Netflix

Offering up three seasons of bingeworthy drama, the Ozarks is set in the US and stars Jason Bateman as a mob accountant caught in an ever-changing web.

It’s dark, compelling, occasionally confronting, and evocatively filmed to explore family, relationships and just how far people will go.

The Letdown – Netflix and ABC

This Australian comedy inspires a laugh due to its outright honesty. It’s centred around new mum Audrey who’s grappling with all those oh so familiar new mum issues, so joins a support group.

There she encounters a quirky group of friends, all dealing with their own challenges and dramas. It’s refreshing because it explores new motherhood, without descending too far into stereotypes.

Bad Banks - SBS

Bad Banks is an intellectual thriller infused with sophisticated European flavour. Set in Germany and Luxembourg, it features a stellar cast who effortlessly slip from one language to the next, all while navigating the financial collapse of a…big bank.

If you love a fly on the wall view of the high-flying corporate lifestyle complete with a hearty dose of espionage, deception and betrayal, this one’s a must.

The Last Dance – Netflix

Regardless of whether you’re a basketball fan or not, this 10-episode documentary series makes for fascinating viewing.

It tracks Michael Jordan’s final season with the Chicago Bulls, taking viewers behind the scenes of an epic career.

The standout takeaway of this documentary is mindset. And that alone makes it a much-see. It’s the type of series you might want to revisit with your teen children as there’s some big lessons in life and the mentality of success.

Any must-watch TV you’d recommend? Please feel free to share.

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