School holidays. Heaven or Hell?

School holidays. Heaven or Hell?


As one friend said: ‘No making lunches, Pj's all day. Gold'. On the other hand, it's constant negotiating (the UN could take a leaf out of most mothers' skills) about iPad time, tv time, social media usage and the like. It's a constant battle, and it's one that we are fighting for, for two long weeks. Tennis camp, golf camp, swimming camp, slime workshops, lego making are all well and good but they are costly and quite frankly not available to everyone and as the same friend said "they still require the early morning and the lunches being made'.
But on the other hand, it's time with your kids (without the morning routine and all that goes with it). It's the ability to actually have a proper conversation with your children, to take a break from the daily grind, from structure. For many families its time to visit with cousins, friends, spend quality time together. Late night movies, dinner in front of the tv. The kids need it, hell we all do.

A lot of families use school holidays to take a ‘break' get away and go camping or fishing or visit a resort of some kind. But is it really a break? If you asked a mate of mine who recently went camping about her ‘holiday' she would throw her head back laugh out loud and roll both eyes. You see her husband forgot to charge the generator, so most of their ‘camping' expedition was spent with no power- and a child who wet the bed. ‘Try changing wet sheets in the dark and at the same time keeping the other kids asleep while hissing expletives to my moron husband she moaned. Another mate took the opportunity of school holidays to grab a Winnebago and travel through New Zealand for about a week. Sounds lovely but if you factor in the gastro that her husband and two young sons got coupled with their toilet that broke down then suddenly the tides are turning.

I don't know the answer. Whether they are hell or heaven is subjective. What I do know is this: They seem to be a lot more complicated than when I was a kid. School holidays for me consisted of playing handball and cricket in the street, having the neighbours over for games or jumping on the trampoline and that was about it. If I was especially good, a trip to town on the bus and a movie were on the cards.

Like everything it seems, the kids today have a lot more choices, more opportunities, higher expectations. And like school holidays, I don't know if this is a good or bad thing. Tell us your thoughts…



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