Put your hand up if you are a murderer

Put your hand up if you are a murderer

By Anonymous Contributor

Put your hand up if you are a murderer? There seems to be a lot of us women out there who are just that.  That is, according to a pro-life Christian group who have recently been filmed harassing women as they enter an abortion clinic.

The footage shared by pro-choice campaigners on Facebook show a woman entering a Brisbane clinic to undergo an abortion. Clearly traumatised, she is heard pleading with the protestor, a pro-lifer to leave her alone after she has been accused of being a murderer. The protestor goes further and yells out to supporters of the woman: What that is is murder, and you guys will stand before God as murderers by supporting this horrific act.

Please don’t terminate your baby. We’re here to help you, please turn away are words that can also be heard coming from the pro-lifer.

Thanks for the offer of help pro-lifer and just to be clear can I confirm a few things:

You’ll be there to help that woman go through with a pregnancy that could be the result of a rape. You’ll be there in the birthing suite to hold her hand and it could be a teenager’s as they go through the hell of labour, every second reminding them of the violent act that they were subject to; the baby inside them, a daily reminder of the violation of their body. You’ll be there at that time. Thanks so much.

So you’ll be there to help them when the baby they are carrying turns out to be a severely disabled child. You’re going to be in the hospital holding the hand of the mother and perhaps father as they watch their much loved baby suffer in ways that you can’t possibly imagine, knowing that now they can’t do anything to relieve that child’s pain, their suffering. The time for that was long past, and you stopped them in their tracks.  You’ll be there to keep the family fires burning and look after the other kids as mum and dad are constantly on round the clock care at the hospital and no-one else is able to care for the other children in the family. Thanks so much. I’m glad you’ll be there to help.

You’re there to help pay for the groceries for the family that simply can’t afford to feed another mouth. You’ll put food on the table; pay the electricity bills, the rent. Thanks so much. Please pass on your credit card details. I’m glad you’re here to help. They sure can do with the extra cash.

You see pro-lifer talk is cheap. We’re here to help’ doesn’t really mean all of the above does it? It means: don’t terminate your baby, go on with your life and hopefully we’ll never cross paths again unless of course you dare to come to this clinic another time.

Pro-lifer you will never know the reason behind an abortion. Each woman goes to that clinic with their own set of circumstances and reasons and it is not up to you to play judge and jury. The termination of a pregnancy is one of the worst things that a woman can ever face and it comes with a heavy heart and an abundance of pain. If you really wanted to help, you’d shut up, move aside and offer a hug to women as they walked out. Now that would be the Christian thing to do…..

View the protester video here:


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