Police Remembrance Day

Police Remembrance Day


The Police cop it (no pun intended) from everyone. The crims, the often opinionated and judgmental public and sometimes even by the courts, when their actions are called into question. It's a thankless job, and it's not one that I'd put up my hand for. On top of all of that, it's incredibly dangerous. These men and women who wear the uniform put their life on the line every day. For their community. For strangers, for people whom they have sworn to serve and protect yet will never really know. In fact just this week a police officer is in critical condition with critical head injuries after being struck by a stolen car. Police Officers put themselves in harms way every single day.

There's little appreciation, often a tremendous amount of criticism and let's face it, they're not bringing home the big bucks for all their troubles and sacrifice. Yet thousands of men and women choose this very career. They are doing it for the greater good, and we should all be grateful. Every day, but especially today.

They are the people you call in the worst of times, and they show up. They are there. No excuses. They are our means of protection, they are the people on whom we can rely, and they are doing a bloody great job in often incredibly difficult and dangerous situations.

I don't know what it's like to have a member of my family in the police force. I think if I did, I would kiss them goodbye each morning and would not stop worrying until they walked through the door each night. You see, most of us don't carry that burden. Our loved ones go to cushy desk jobs, maybe work in a school or a hospital or a firm of some kind. They don't deal with crime and dangerous people on a daily basis. The families of police officers face this burden morning, noon and night.

A friend of mine who is married to a policeman shared her thoughts on her husband's job as a police officer.

He's been assaulted, had his family threatened and is regularly abused. He's stood in the pouring rain, blistering sun and freezing cold to serve a largely thankless community. He misses his kids birthdays, school concerts, and family events. He's worked Christmas and Easter several times, as well as all other public holidays and he works more weekends than he gets off. Along with his colleagues, he proudly does the job that not many people want to do, but plenty of people readily judge. I couldn't be more proud of him, nor could I be more thankful that he and all the other police officers are willing to make the personal sacrifice to serve our community.

Today we should all spend a moment or two thinking of the sacrifices that our policemen and women undertake on our behalf every day, and we should also reflect on the families behind them and be mindful of what they have endured.

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