What the…

What the…

By Anonymous Contributor

Asking a baby if it is okay to change their nappy; seriously?

According to the author of this statement, ‘it teaches the child about consent'. Deanne Carson who made this statement has received a lot of flak for it (are you really surprised?) and her response has been to highlight sexual abuse and how rife it is among our children and our teenagers. She claims that the work she does is abuse prevention work and teaching children about consent (and good on her as it is incredibly important work).

I applaud you, Deanne. We need more people like you. Although, what I am struggling with, is the correlation you make between changing a dirty nappy and teaching consent in regard to sexual abuse. I’ve changed hundreds of dirty nappies, both for my sons and daughter, and not once has it ever dawned on me that this is, in some way, related to teaching my children about consent and abuse prevention.

I think most mothers would have to agree: changing a dirty nappy is nothing more than good parenting.

I’m not sure if you have children, but if you don’t then let me tell you, a nappy rash or a sore red bum on a baby is horrible and painful. Even worse is a UTI which a baby can get if they get an infection and if they never wanted their dirty nappy changed, I am sure it would occur.

You see children and babies are just that: Children and babies. They can’t make decisions, rationalise decisions, and know what is best for them. It is our job to do that. ‘Hold my hand when you cross the street, no you can’t have lollies for breakfast, lunch and dinner, put your seatbelt on,’ are all things which the child may not want to do, but are clearly in their best interests.

Could you imagine a society where a baby or toddler tells a parent what they want and as an adult, we should adhere to that? It would be chaos at best. Anarchy…and a lot of dental bills.


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