NAPLAN from a mum's perspective

NAPLAN from a mum's perspective

By Jo McMullen

NAPLAN: It doesn't define you, it doesn't test all those characteristics that make you 'you'. It doesn't test your ability to be determined, your ability to be a great public speaker, your behaviour, whether you are a team player, your confidence, your thoughtfulness, your social conscience, the non-academic skills that might make you a Director of a company one day.

Maybe the fact you are a 'numbers person' and an intelligent child who can't write properly so won't do so well today but you will try hard.

Might your child be an artist or even a musician?

Maybe you have not yet developed those fine motor skills but the answers are in your head and yet your hand won't let you write it quickly enough because you are still so young and not ready for these types of exam conditions.

I wish all the year three students strength to get through this week. I am grateful for my son’s school keeping the pressure off but kids sometimes, unfortunately, put that pressure on themselves.

Jo McMullen

Mother of 3 boys, Brisbane.


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