Kate vs. Meghan. That is, according to the media.

Kate vs. Meghan. That is, according to the media.

By Clare Sultmann

It was always bound to happen. The Meghan vs. Kate headlines. Surely two women in the public eye can’t get along the media would like us to believe. Happy families just don’t sell papers. Wives at war sure do.

The papers are calling it a ‘Royal Rift’ stating that the two women don’t seem to get along. According to media reports, one example they gave was that Kate was ‘left in tears’ after a fitting for Charlotte’s flower girl dress. Sorry, but she was, at that time, the mother of a newborn. Who doesn’t get a bit emotional after having a baby? Hell, there is nothing like a bit of sleep deprivation to bring the best of us to tears at any given time. The tears, if they were true, may have been nothing more than tears of joy.  Perhaps she couldn’t believe how grown up her baby daughter had become, how special the occasion was and how thrilled she was to be a part of it.  But that wouldn’t be interesting to the press. Who wants to hear about happy families? Harmony just doesn’t sell and the media are looking at all angles in a negative way to leave us wanting more and buying more.

If roles were reversed and two blokes had married into the Royal family, I doubt the papers would give their relationship a second glance. They’d be seen out for beers, being ‘blokey’ and generally enjoying each other’s company. They may be termed ‘lads’ and ‘liking a good time’ but that would be the end of it. Their relationship, I would doubt, would never come into question.

And that’s the problem with the perception of women these days. High profile women, women in business together, on television together, aren’t, according to many media outlets supposed to get along.  Think back to when it was Princess Di and Fergie at loggerheads. The same thing, the same articles. Closer to home lets not forget the headlines when high profile journo Lisa Wilkinson jumped ship to The Project. The media were quick to suggest that there were underlying tensions between her and Carrie Bickmore one of the current hosts. What a load of bollocks. I am sure the two women get along famously, yet that doesn’t make for interesting reading. We all like a good bit of gossip and the media are relying on that very fact. Never let facts get in the way of good fiction would perhaps in some instances be the right way to put it.

What annoys me is that this portrayal of women isn’t good for any of us. Women don’t need to be constantly bombarded with stories of how they don’t get along, of jealousy and rivalry. It’s negative and it’s not helping anyone except the media moguls who own the tabloids.

Image - Meghan Markle and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge attend the first annual Royal Foundation Forum held at Aviva on February 28, 2018 via The Independent

Clare Sultmann

Clare Sultmann is a wife, mother of 3 and the founder of Dear Molly.
As a survivor of a catastrophic accident, former barrister at law, published author, and nationally accredited mediator Clare has returned to work in a different capacity. Relocating to Noosa shortly after the birth of her first child, Clare found it difficult to make meaningful and real connections with other like-minded women away from her own network of friends. With this in mind, Clare’s idea was born. Dear Molly aims to provide connections for like-minded women in a real, meaningful and positive manner. It a platform to share, communicate and inspire other women about their ‘real’ life.


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