How to do makeup in minutes and look polished.

How to do makeup in minutes and look polished.

By Amanda Ramsay

2018 Queensland Makeup Artist of the Year Amanda Ramsay has over 15 years experience working the red carpet, celebrity, advertising and fashion circuit in Sydney. Amanda’s worked with Miranda Kerr, Sophie Monk, Julia Gillard and Sally Pearson amongst many other incredible women. Amanda is now on a mission to help busy super women like you feel fabulous using a little genuine insider beauty know-how and a big pile of beauty tips and makeup tricks.

Balancing family life with work. Goodness, it’s a challenge. Throughout the daily chaos, I’m looking “polished” and giving off the “I’ve got my act together vibes” thanks to my Ultimate 5 Minute Makeup regime. With a little practice, it really does take just 5 minutes and works wonders for your self-esteem.

A little makeup can affect us on so many levels. Put simply what you see in the mirror is intrinsically linked to how you feel about yourself.  My Aunty Floppy used to call it “putting your face on”. Makeup can help us feel more confident and look more fabulous. Makeup perks you up when you're feeling down. Makeup can facilitate getting into “character”. Think Diana Prince transformed into Wonder Woman. It becomes part of shaking off the mumsy vibe as we jump into another role. After 30 I think we want to resemble some form of "pulled togetherness". Here I show you how to do my Ultimate 5 Minute Makeup.

So I challenge you to up your game and get your face on. Pretty sure most of us can manage that, can’t we? If a little makeup makes you feel match ready, go for it. Have fun, it’s just makeup.

Amanda xxx

Download the Ultimate 5 Minute Makeup Guide

PS Want to learn how to nail your makeup in minutes? Join 2018 Queensland Makeup Artist of the Year Amanda Ramsay for your hands-on makeup masterclass.

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*The advice given is my independent professional opinion and commentary is not paid for.

Amanda Ramsay

Amanda is an experienced professional Makeup Artist and 2018 Queensland State Makeup Artist of the Year. She's on a mission to help women over 40 feel damn fabulous about themselves using a little genuine insider beauty know-how and a big pile of beauty tips and makeup tricks.

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