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#girlpower #womensupportingwomen #womenempowerwomen. I could go on all day with the hashtags and the concept. We get it. Women supporting women is all over the internet. Hell, there are websites, social media accounts and millions of dollars thrown at the concept. And it’s a brilliant one. If it’s real.

I recently spoke with the founder of a start-up business. She said it hasn’t been an easy slog. Sure the slogans are there, the mantras recited but at the end of the day, some women she claimed, just don’t want to see other women get ahead. They simply don’t want the competition. No matter what they promote publicly, privately this just isn’t the case. It’s been a learning curve she told me. "It’s a struggle and you quickly find out who your real friends are and who is genuine when they recite the words: 'How can I help?'"

You see talk is cheap. Actions and doing are what counts. No matter what the slogan says, no matter how many social media sites suggest it, at the end of the day if you want to support women, then do it. Sure there is nothing better than opening up an Instagram account and seeing a motivational quote. It’s a feel-good moment and it has its place. But sometimes a private action means a lot more than a public affirmation. You don’t need to claim you support and empower women through words. Do by actions. Whether it’s publishing executive accepting a brief to read a woman’s first book, or simply a mum dropping some food around to another mum who is struggling at home with sick kids, we can do more than we realise. It doesn’t need to be through #hashtags. In fact, some of the best support of women I have seen is that through my children’s school. Husband’s away, kids sick, mum’s crook, whatever the situation, the first reactions is: ‘How can I help?'. That to me is really supporting and providing a network for women that is real and genuine. So here’s to supporting women. Let's do more DOING and less #hashtagging.



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