All in a week’s work for these two

All in a week’s work for these two

By Clare Sultmann

They may have been stopped by Police officers and had to wait 10 minutes before being allowed to drive through the gates of Frogmore House, the 17th-century mansion where Harry and Meagan held their wedding reception but once inside, boy oh boy, did George make up for it. Showing true star power George let it rip. Waltzing with not one but TWO princesses around the dance floor was the order of the night for old George.

If media reports are accurate George took a spin with the newly crowned Duchess of Sussex aka the BRIDE and then, not wanting Kate to be left out, took the Duchess of Cambridge- the future Queen for a boogie. Seriously George, stop it!!! Could you and Amal be any cooler? Amal, in my opinion, won best dressed by a country mile (who else can make mustard look that good) and George was as dapper as ever. No inkling of being one bit dishevelled or sleep deprived from looking after two children who are not even one.

For most parents of very young twins, getting out of your pyjamas for the day is a win, but for these guys, wow, they continue to knock it out of the park on every social occasion. I know, I know, they would have a nanny but come on guys, these two are pretty awesome. Defending and championing the rights of the underprivileged and oppressed, taking in refugees, donating millions of money to the needy through their charitable foundation, helping to fund the March for Our Lives walk (and showing up and walking), co-hosting the Met Gala, appearing on the coveted cover of Vogue, attending Royal weddings and dancing with Princesses seem to be all in a week’s work for these two. As a mate of mine who was watching the wedding called out when they walked into the church: ‘Bravo George and Amal. Bravo’.

 Clare Sultmann

Clare Sultmann is a wife, mother of 3 and the founder of Dear Molly.
As a survivor of a catastrophic accident, former barrister at law, published author, and nationally accredited mediator Clare has returned to work in a different capacity. Relocating to Noosa shortly after the birth of her first child, Clare found it difficult to make meaningful and real connections with other like-minded women away from her own network of friends. With this in mind, Clare’s idea was born. Dear Molly aims to provide connections for like-minded women in a real, meaningful and positive manner. It a platform to share, communicate and inspire other women about their ‘real’ life.


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