Five hacks to have you looking refreshed in 5 minutes

Five hacks to have you looking refreshed in 5 minutes


We know, we know… We should be drinking 2L of water a day, exercising regularly, getting enough sleep and committing to a daily beauty routine. But you know what they say about the best laid plans.

So, what if a mere five minutes is all you have at your disposal and you need to look refreshed, reinvigorated and a whole lot less fatigued prior to that Zoom meeting or leaving the house?

Here are five hacks to have you looking refreshed and (ready to face the outside world) in five minutes.

Ice, ice baby

There might be few things less tempting than the prospect of splashing ice-cold water on your face in the wee hours of a winter morning. But hey, it works, and it’s a highly affordable, instant makeover option.

Experts suggest filling a sink with water, adding some ice cubes and then splashing your face with the chilled water. Alternatively, grab an ice cube and rub it on your face.

The cold water instantly shrinks capillaries and tightens pores to give you a more refreshed look. As a bonus it’s also likely to wake you up pretty swiftly, making it a win-win.


Bananas offer a range of health benefits due to the fact they’re jam-packed with nutrients. But did you know their skin also contains some great health properties as well?

Shortcut your morning beauty routine by consuming a ripe banana, then rubbing the inside of the peel on your face, concentrating on those fine lines.

Leave the residue on you skin until it starts to oxidise and turn brown, then wash it off.

It’s believed the peel helps exfoliate the skin, while hydrating it to provide a firmer, plumper look.

Rub the nape of your neck

Most of us hold a whole lot of stress in our neck, which then restricts blood flow to the face. To give yourself a circulation boost and more relaxed start to the day, massage the nape of your neck to loosen those tight neck muscles.

It’s worth noting stress results in the production of the hormone cortisol, which can then inhibit collagen production, so the less stress you carry, the better it is for your skin.

Get moving

Exercise is one of the best ways of firing up your circulatory system while also delivering a nice dose of endorphins.

If you’ve missed the window for a morning run, swim or yoga, run on the spot or do as many jumping jacks as you can in 60 seconds to get your body moving.

It promotes blood flow and also kick-starts your metabolism.

Go the rose water

Used as a beauty product for centuries, rose water acts as an anti-inflammatory that soothes irritation and reduces both redness and puffiness.

If you’re looking for a quick pick-me-up any time of day, simply spray some rose water on your face, and leave it to sink in.

The aroma of rose water also acts as a mood enhancer, relieving anxiety and stress, so there’s another reason to pop a little spritz bottle in your handbag and call on its perfumy powers when required.

Got a great, quick beauty tip? Drop us a line in the comments below.


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