Expat allure – embracing a world of adventure

Expat allure – embracing a world of adventure

By Priscilla Christopher

People end up becoming expats for lots of different reasons. For many it is about job opportunities, others fall in love, and some just seek a different life from what they’re used to at home. I am a hybrid of all three.  

Back in 1999, at age 22, I set off to New York with a one-way ticket, a suitcase and big dreams. I had never been to New York before and didn't know a single person living there.

I had nowhere to live and only two weeks to settle myself before starting my first job since graduating university.  

I told my family and friends I would be home in two years. That would definitely be enough time for some great work experience, travelling and adventure…  

Fast forward almost 20 years and I'm onto my fifth international relocation and now based in London.

I've also acquired a bit more than one husband, three children, and a home full of things. 

The questions I ask myself about why I'm living so far away from my family and old friends have definitely changed. 

It's no longer about my work or a long-distance romance. It's what's best for my three young children. But what still remains the same is the buzz I get from living abroad - the constant sense of adventure and that anything is possible. 

Raising a family so far away from home has been an incredible experience. It’s given me confidence in myself as a mum and provided my kids with some wonderful life opportunities.

We are surrounded by an amazing support system made up of people who were strangers only a few years ago.

So while it breaks my heart every time my toddler kisses the computer screen when we FaceTime his grandparents, I know that the choices we’ve made are the right ones for our family at this moment in time. 

Priscilla Christopher

Priscilla Christopher, 
Expat from London

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Comments (2):

Charlotte, you are very lucky to have Priscilla in London. Our loss is surely your gain. As you said though, with technology the way it is today, you are always connected and it is easy to keep in touch. Thanks for your feedback. A great read by Ryl.

claremary - November 22, 2017

A great article! From the other side of the fence - a Londoner back living in London - it is such a privilege to have so many expats in our community. People like Priscilla and her family are an integral part of London life wherever they come from originally. It’s very special to have so many wonderful friends from overseas. We will miss them terribly in the eventuality that they decide to return to home shores. I’m heartened, however, that if and when that happens my two daughters will have a wonderful support network on the other side of the world and with technology as it is, we will all be able to maintain the friendships we have made across the time zones! (I already envisage a time where my eldest is up half the night texting her Aussie bestie...).

CharlotteS - November 22, 2017