Meet friends and share interests with dear molly Dynamic Chat

Meet friends and share interests with dear molly Dynamic Chat

By dear molly

dear molly is about to get a whole lot more interactive with the launch of our all-new Dynamic Chat feature this week.


Your what?” We hear you ask…well reach out for that coffee and let us take a moment to explain. We’re a little bit excited about the potential it offers.


What is Dynamic Chat?

The Dynamic Chat feature is an all-new way to connect with like-minded people on the site using a fair bit of help from the social butterfly that is the dear molly algorithm.


Basically, you answer some simple questions about your interests in your member profile (nothing too detailed, it’s about socialising not a Census questionnaire!)


With some snippets of what you like in hand, the dear molly algorithm then sets to work sewing the seeds of new friendships. Ultimately, she finds then introduces you to others who share similar hobbies, pastimes or interests.


And it goes like this…

In practice, Dynamic Chat works like this…members Sally and Sue have both mentioned in their profiles they enjoy the TV series “Suits”. The ever-so-clever algorithm quickly finds this shared interest and connects them.


The upshot

The upshot of Dynamic Chat is it allows you to connect with a whole new community of people through interests you share.

You can interact as little or as often as you want, forge new friendships and widen your social network.

We’re excited because that’s at the heart of the dear molly ethos and exactly what this shared community is about. We’re hoping you’ll enjoy it and keep us posted on your thoughts.  

Ready to try Dynamic Chat? Create your account here

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