How dear molly works

Each member of dear molly is unique, intriguing and has their own story to tell. That’s why we take the time to get to know a little about you through a series of simple questions relating to your interests, stage of life, and hobbies.

We are looking for the small snippets of information that together reveal what makes you tick - what you enjoy, where you’re at, what inspires you.

This is all designed for our savvy and ever-helpful algorithms hard at work behind the scenes so they can identify, suggest and connect you with others who share these aspects of life.

It’s all about finding the right people with whom you will feel an instant resonance, allowing you to engage via a connection that you already share.

dear molly then features four general areas and ways for women to interact and share:

  • You can seek out and chat with others in private or public forums through our dynamic chat feature
  • You can search for other people in your general location via a member search
  • You can engage in real conversations at the community forum
  • You can read, learn and contribute to the dear molly blog

It’s your choice how much or as little you wish to engage. Your profile allows you to select whether you’d like to be contacted by others through member searches, and whether you’d like to be invited to take part in conversations via the dynamic chat feature.

You can also manually search for others based on their public profile and preferences, and invite them to chat. 

While dear molly is all about sharing experiences, the information that appears to others is carefully curated to ensure your privacy. Public information includes:

  • Your profile image, should you elect to upload one
  • Your username, that you choose
  • Your country of residence
  • The approximate distance between you and another user, based on your postcode. (Your actual postcode is not revealed.)
  • A common thread between you and another user to establish an instant talking point and connection when using dynamic chat

This information is designed to promote real connections by providing a simple introduction and establishing common ground. 

Whatever your choice of involvement, at its core dear molly represents women at any stage of life reaching out to others to share, inspire, and connect, wherever they may be, whatever experience they may have.

The dear molly ethos

dear molly is about the strength, loyalty, and support that women can offer each other, by forging real connections in a world that’s busy, sometimes fractured and occasionally anything but sincere.

It’s inspired by the true story of a real friendship and it’s created from an experience that most women already share.

dear molly is the initiative of Clare Sultmann who, like many women, has a host of titles to her name: mother, former lawyer, wife, friend…and more.

Like many women she relocated with her family shortly after having children. And, like many women, she found creating a new social circle at a new location in a new stage of life…well…challenging.

Unlike high school, further education or even within a career, forging new friendships in an already established social environment after having children, retiring or relocating isn’t necessarily easy. And just because you attend playgroups or social events, it doesn’t automatically mean general interests are shared. 

Clare set out in search of social media or websites that might need her needs, but none provided a singular space where women could connect in an authentic way. 

She was looking for a real place to share the real experiences of life with other real women.

dear molly is that space - it is a place to connect, allowing meaningful conversations and the opportunity to foster friendships.